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Convert Unwanted Life Insurance Policy for Cash

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  • Investor groups and financial Institutions are now paying cash to buy unwanted life insurance policies. Whole life, universal life, term life, joint-life, last-to-die and key-man life may qualify.
  • You might own an unwanted and unneeded life insurance policy that is eligible to be sold for cash and not even know it!
  • Rising premiums or changed family circumstances can create a situation where you've decided that a life insurance policy is no longer wanted or needed.
  • For example, many people with unwanted cash value insurance mistakenly believe that the policy value is worth no more than the actual cash value. Even worse, many people mistakenly believe that their unwanted term life insurance can only expire worthless or be lapsed for zero value.
  • If you are at least 65 years of age and have at least $100,000 of life insurance coverage in force for 2 years, please complete the following Life Insurance Policy Valuation Request and we will have a licensed life settlement broker contact you to let you know if your policy is eligible for resale ad, if so, what your policy might be worth if you were to sell it for a one-time lump sum of cash.
Recent Purchase Offers

83 year-old male: $220,000 policy
Cash offer: $100,000
69 year-old male: $500,000 policy
Cash offer: $100,000
72 year-old female: $750,000 policy
Cash offer: $165,000
78 year-old male: $1,200,000 policy
Cash offer: $408,000
83 year-old female: $2,000,000 policy
Cash offer: $400,000

Your Life Insurance is an Asset You Can Sell

Your life insurance policy is an asset you own. Like all assets, you may keep them for as long as you wish. If your policy no longer serves its original intent, you have the option to sell it. Life Insurance Buyer is the leading company that buys your unwanted life insurance.

Stop Paying Expensive Premiums

For many seniors, the life insurance policy being considered for sale is not performing to the expectations of the policyholder. Often, the premium payments to keep the policy current have become a financial burden, or there is no longer a need to keep the policy active.

It is Better to Sell to TIME 24-HOUR INSURANCE than to “Lapse” or “Surrender" the Policy

Time 24-Hour Insurance will buy your life insurance policy for an amount significantly greater than the policy’s cash surrender value, or greater than the amount you would receive if you chose to allow the policy to lapse.