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Burial Insurance

What is Burial Insurance?

Do you know what burial insurance is? Well most of us do not; we just assume that life insurance is all that we need. But that may not be the case for everyone. Burial insurance - also known as funeral insurance - is kind of like a safety net, in that it insures that your funeral is paid for and will allow you to have the burial that you deserve.

Burial insurance only pays the expenses associated with your funeral. This way, you don't have to worry about the beneficiary not spending the money correctly and allocating it improperly elsewhere. With burial insurance, you know that all of your money is going towards your burial and there are strict rules the companies impose to insure that. Life insurance is a little different; the beneficiary can spend the policy money however they choose. In reality they do not have to spend a dime on your funeral or they may spend the least amount possible so they can keep more of the money. Also, with life insurance, the money may take weeks or months to come and it may present a hardship on your family who may not have the money upfront to pay for your expenses.

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Why Do I Need Burial Insurance?

Funerals aren't cheap

Many do not realize just how much of a cost a funeral can be. Without burial insurance or final expense insurance, one may find themselves in a severe financial pinch. Let's take a look at some of the common costs that associate themselves with the loss of a loved one. These average costs are taken from the National Funeral Directors Association.

  1. Professional service charges: $1,350
  2. Embalming: $420
  3. Other preparations (cosmetology, hair, etc.): $175
  4. Visitation/viewing: $300
  5. Funeral at funeral home: $400
  6. Transfer of remains to funeral home: $200
  7. Hearse (local): $215
  8. Service car/van: $100
  9. Acknowledgement cards: $45
  10. Casket: $3,000
  11. Vault: $1,300

Total: $7,510

These prices while on average can still put a huge financial strain on a family if they are not properly covered by burial insurance. Besides just protecting ones family from having to fit a large bill during a trying time, burial insurance gives you the peace of mind you need. While times of funerals and death are never easy, being financially covered makes it a little less stressful. Just as you would not drive without insurance, preparing without a proper burial insurance policy can be very costly. So why do you need burial insurance? Simply put, preparing a little in advance can save time, money, financial stress during a difficult time, and beyond a financial price tag, can give you and your family peace of mind. Apply Today.

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